Food for Fitness

with Scott Baptie

  • In this episode Scott and I discuss the need for individual customization in training
  • I answer the question, “how important is perfect form and perfect posture?”
  • We talk about go-to rehab exercises I use for the shoulders, knees, and elbows
  • I also discuss the importance of single leg exercises, (hint: I LOVE THEM!)

Uncharted Performance

with Pawel Wencel

  • In this episode Pawel and I discuss my love for the outdoors and my philosophy of combining training and rehab into one package.
  • Pawel asks a great question about what my biggest challenge has been with my recent popularity growth and how it’s changed my life.
  • “…you have to be OK with the fact that you’re not going to please everybody.”
  • This is one of the most diverse episodes on this list.

Central Virginia Sport Performance Podcast

with Jay DeMayo

  • This a sports performance related interview where we discuss the similarities in principles between rehab and training
  • This is a great listen for strength coaches and those looking to bridge the gap.

PT Pintcast

with Jimmy McKay

  • In this episode Jimmy and I take a shot of whiskey together while discussing what Physical Therapists need to do if they want to work in a sports med environment.
  • This is a good quick listen to find out more about how I ended up in my strength & conditioning practice environment.
  • “If you’re a PT that wants to work with athletes, learn everything there is to know about strength & conditioning”

Fitness Candor Podcast

with Eric Feigl (first episode on this podcast)

Cueing movements, reducing injury, and general training

  • In this episode we talk a lot about the fundamentals of teaching.
  • We agree on how young trainers and coaches have to learn the rules before they break them
  • Lastly, we discuss the art of cueing movement and helping people learn proper form on their own.

Fitness Candor Podcast

with Eric Feigl (second episode on this podcast)

Mobilizing, protecting, and training the thoracic spine:

  • In this episode we discuss T-spine mobility and how I assess it
  • We look at what kind of activities require T-spine mobility and the athletes that would benefit from these movements.
  • Lastly, we discuss how to talk to your clients and patients about posture.

Full Body Fix

with Scott Mills

  • In this episode we discuss common causes and how I evaluate knee pain
  • I discuss muscle testing through handheld dynamometry and the significance of the hamstrings:quadriceps strength ratio measurement.
  • Find ways to load them pain free and work from there”


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