“Last spring 2017, I suffered a full tear to my upper hamstring and a strain in my mid hamstring area, and I did 2 months of PT without getting any better. I went to Teddy to try something new and did a program to actively strengthen my hamstring and after a month started to get back into running. I was back on the field in a month and a half for an injury that was supposed to take 3 to 4 months to get better. The value in taking a strengthening approach to rehab is leaps and bounds better than the other options such as just dry needling and massage. Teddy provided me with a stable base for getting me through the rigor of Army basic training in June, just two months after I started working with him. I have not experienced any re-injury to the hamstring. I have been able to play the entire 52 game season this year and I would attribute a good amount to program that I did with Teddy.”

– Harry Flannery, 20 year old Pitcher, The United States Military Academy, West Point


“I really enjoyed my time at the facility and the work we did was great. I will for sure be coming back!”

– Jack Crawford, NFL  Defensive Lineman for the Atlanta Falcons





“I could feel a positive impact on my training the first day I started doing Teddy’s prescribed rehabilitation plan. Teddy’s evaluation was incredibly thorough. Teddy puts a lot of thought into the work he does.”

– Nicole Holcomb, Crossfit Games Athlete




“Teddy helped me with an online evaluation of my shoulder. He gave me some very helpful advice and exercises to work on that helped in my shoulder surgery recovery.”

– Bo Van Pelt, PGA Golfer




“To say Dr. Teddy Willsey fixed my shoulder injury would be an understatement. I strained my rotator cuff around September 2016 doing shoulder press and thought that time would heal my injury; however, the pain persisted for 8 months and kept me from training. I started PT sessions with Teddy in May of 2017- he had my shoulder fixed up and basically back to full strength within 1.5-2 months.

I’ve seen several physical therapists in the past, but their methodologies were questionable. They simply massaged my muscles and prescribed me stretches and bare-minimum exercises to do at home. Teddy, however, went above and beyond to ensure that I recovered correctly and as quickly as possible- despite my shoulder being broken, he chipped away at the pain and gradually increased workload/range of motion until it was fully functional. Each session was grueling (but in a good way)- he really put my body to work, and I could feel myself recovering and getting stronger with each session. He also gave me a full workout plan to do at home to help recover. Finally, not only did he help me recover my shoulder, but we also worked on preventing shoulder injury in the future by doing lots of upper-back work.

One year later, and I can say that everything has worked out perfectly. As a powerlifter, the whole purpose of our work was to have me back benching at full strength. I have not had a single issue with shoulder pain since our last session, and my bench press strength is now stronger than ever. Increasing from a 225 pound bench press right after I recovered to most recently a 292 pound bench press in competition, I still use Teddy’s shoulder exercises every day to help me warm up.”

– Andrew Jiang, 17 year old powerlifter


“My knee rehab was going slow until I started working with Teddy. He helped me get all my strength and explosiveness back and get back on the court full time.”

– Tre Campbell, 22 year old Point Guard, University of South Carolina








“Teddy is the man. I struggled going through 5 hamstring pulls in a 4-5 month period and couldn’t get right until we started working together. He helped me rehab and I haven’t had one hamstring pull since. He will always keep it real with you and advise you on what you should and shouldn’t do while rehabbing. His exercises are challenging and he knows what he’s doing because he’s able to explain exactly how everything will help you. He always checks in on you to see how you’re doing and make sure you’re doing your exercises. I’d recommend him to anybody I know, best physical therapist I ever met!!”

– TJ Dozier, 20 year old Running Back, Williams College




“Dr. Willsey has been a wonder to work with and a critical asset in helping me become healthy enough to perform and compete as an Irish dancer. I initially began working with Dr. Willsey to design a program to help my back and ankle/foot pain after finding his page on Instagram. I was immediately impressed by the depth of his knowledge and insight into the issues I was having, as well as the way he took the time to truly listen to me. He was able to quickly diagnose issues that other therapists had overlooked/misdiagnosed and got me on my way to dancing without pain. After several years of consistently having some kind of pain while competing in dance, I’ve now had two competitions completely pain-free! I’m incredibly grateful and look forward to continuing to work with Dr. Willsey in the future to so I can remain healthy enough to continue doing what I love for many more years to come.”

– Julia Topper, Champion Level Irish Dancer, University of Maryland Professor


I honestly can’t believe how much of a difference it made. Before we started, I was trying to come to terms with the idea that chronic hip pain was something I was going to deal with for the rest of my life. Teddy listened to me more than any health care professional ever has. He trusted that I knew my body and took my thoughts and opinions seriously. I felt heard for the first time ever as a patient, and I can’t tell you how much that means to me. My pain has decreased to practically nothing, in two months. I’m finally able to move in the ways that I want to after more than three years of not knowing when that would be possible. I’m indescribably grateful for that.”

– Emily Callen, 23 year old outdoors enthusiast


“Teddy is a gifted and dedicated physical therapist.  I have seen dozens of PTs over the years and Teddy’s approach to rehab and movement is truly unparalleled. I promise you, YOU will feel better after sessions with Teddy.”

– Libby Mullin, 49 year old tri-athlete, former college soccer player






“Dr. Teddy is extremely helpful and offers a ton of insight. I have made tremendous gains with my knee and am getting better and stronger daily! I have sent my clients to him as well.”

– Keegan Harper, 24 year old basketball coach, former college player







“2018 has been a very encouraging year. All of last year I was unable to sit in a chair for more than 5 mins or sleep at night without NSAIDs. Nerve pain was at the forefront of every aspect of my daily life. Last week I was able to sumo 315×3 completely pain free at the end of a workout. I know that’s not crazy weight, but it’s a testament to how much Teddy has helped me. My range of motion has drastically improved in the last 2-3 months, and while I understand the need for patience with these kinds of obstacles and have a long way to go before I am back to my new ‘normal,’ I look forward to improving and tackling that next challenge.”

– Chris Pendergraft, 25 years old, U.S. Army



“After missing my entire sophomore lacrosse season due to chronic hamstring injuries, I didn’t think I would be able to run the same again. I tried various PT places and return to play techniques including rest, dry needling, ART, and gradual running buildups but I could not seem to prevent re-injury and constant pain. When I started PT with Teddy he took a completely different approach. I worked with him to strengthen and overload the muscle through lifting and sprinting before I returned to play. We worked on short quick power movements to imitate the fast pace of college games and practice. When I went back to school he even hooked me up with a local PT place that could keep him updated on my progress. I made it through my entire junior year of games and practices with this year and couldn’t have done it without his help!!”

– Addie Zinsner, 21 year Lacrosse Midfielder, Yale University


“I had my shoulder pop out for the first time ever diving into home plate. My friend told me I had to go see Teddy and he helped me get back on the field as fast as possible with no problems. We worked on a lot of stability and rehabilitation exercises for my shoulder.”

– Evan Blum, 19 year old Catcher, Holy Cross University



“I sought out Dr. Teddy after suffering from extensive hip and pelvic region damage during labor and delivery of my daughter. Dr. Teddy is super passionate and knowledgeable about his approach to physical therapy. His background in strength conditioning coupled with his non-traditional PT techniques is a super formula for fast efficient recovery. He’s extremely down to earth and every session was uniquely tailored to my needs.”

– Gabrielle Ziegler, 38 year old mother of 2, lifting and exercise enthusiast




“My son received excellent and thoughtful treatment to address his shoulder and back problems from Teddy Willsey. Teddy helped correct some flawed movement patterns and showed my son many exercises to help with his injuries. My sons conditions are improving quickly and he now has new knowledge on how to keep himself injury free. Thanks Teddy!”

– Jinglin Zhong, mother of a 16 year old powerlifter

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